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Just a quick note to let you know that we think very highly of your services both for the SEO but also for web development services. As you know I have referred a number of friends and colleagues to your company and that is not something I do lightly. Thanks for your hard work at getting my websites recognized by the search engines and ranked very high for my keywords.

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About Cignus Web Services

Cignus Web began Services as a small group of people from our location in New Delhi, the national capital city of India. Nevertheless, our enthusiasm towards expansion, standing up to the clientele's prospect and following on the deliveries has made us a multi-functional group of over 50+ employees over the course of years.

Cignus Web Services India has been dedicated to outsourcing SEO solutions, Data Entry Services for businesses cutting through a wide range of technologies as well as platforms. Our tailor-made services are offered at competitive prices without compromising on the quality. Our Data Entry SEO services aim to develop long-term relationships with clientele by catering to their needs in a comprehensive and cost-efficient manner. We, at Cignus Web Services India have constantly attempted to incorporate our expertise through the services extended to the clientele. We provide them with the best possible options for achieving their goals.

Besides, Cignus Web Services India has overwhelmingly catered to varied clientele in different countries across the globe. Our clientele testimonials are a constant support to our expansion, giving us the boost with their positive feedback.

Why Choose Cignus Web Services?

There are many reasons that answer why Cignus Web Services India is the first and the best choice, when it comes to choosing Data Entry, Data Entry Company, Data Entry Services, SEO, Software and rigid Data Solutions. These include:

  • Years of Expertise to handle clients globally.
  • In depth knowledge related to the latest market trends and established approaches.
  • Comprehensive package of IT cutting across a wide choice of platforms as well as technologies.
  • Excellent communication skills and personnel who are able to completely understand your requirements.
  • Timely execution of short as well as long term projects in accordance to the specific clientele requirements.
  • Capacity to maneuver large capacious data and also attend to rush-hour jobs.
  • Offers Competitive prices keeping in mind the client requirements, eventually making room for more profits.
  • Assurance of precision and superiority of data to give an edge to your business aspirations.
  • Committed Team under enthusiastic supervision for each project.

Cignus Web - History at Glance

The journey of Cignus Web Services India, began with merely a team of two people in an upcoming commercial center. At present, the Cignus Web Services India has multiplied itself and setting an example that nothing is impossible. The dedicated team at Cignus Web Services India is goal oriented and makes a sincere effort to give its clientele the best possible Data Entry, Data Processing, Data Mining, eBay Listing Management, Website Design, Website Development, SEO Services solutions. The works department of Cignus Web Services India is based in New Delhi, the very heart of India, and over a course of time has enrolled in many bright-sparks to nourish its business objectives.

To keep up the founding spirit of 'giving the best', we aim to offer tailor-made Website Design, Website Development, Data Entry and SEO Services solutions by incorporating both established as well as upcoming trends in the market.

Our Business Model

At CignusWeb, India, we provide varied business models to our clientele in accordance to the type and capacity of project, appropriateness of the model to the project particulars as well as the deadlines. The strategic business models offered at CignusWeb, India are:

  • Fixed Cost (ODT Model) - This model is highly popular amongst the clients, wherein a fixed cost per month is paid varying upon the number of individuals incorporated in the project. The advantage of this model is that you can get annexes to your office, as the human resources you employ work full time entirely on your projects. In addition, this model also provides cutthroat rates as well as guarantees full control over the whole procedure.
  • Time and Material Model - In this model, the amount is paid by the client in accordance to the time spent on the specific project, resources incorporated, amount of completed records as well as pages. It is generally incorporated in projects wherever specifications, character and capacity of project or staff necessities and expected period of the project is likely to come into picture.

Team @ Cignus Web Services India

Our strategic location in New Delhi guarantees us direct access to the finest talent in diverse fields to serve your SEO, Web Research, Website Design, Website Development, eBay Listing Management, Data Entry Services and Data Entry requirements. We, at Cignus Web Services India, comprise an assorted team of experienced as well as talented individuals, which includes web programmers, coders, programmers, designers, content writers and experienced data processing professionals. The team of experts is focused and works in specific domains relentlessly to fulfill your desired business objectives within the specified deadlines in accordance to your convenience.


We, at Cignus Web Services India, extend an assortment of SEO, Web and Data services Data Entry, Data Processing, Data Mining, eBay Listing Management, Website Design, Website Development, SEO Services solutions. Our team of talented staff has helped us build a niche in the market to reckon with. We specialize in the field of Application Development, Data Processing related jobs and Data Entry, Document Conversion and Digitization, E-Pub, Web Research/Data Mining, HTML//XML,PDF Conversion, Pre-press, Multimedia, Graphics, eBay Listing Management and e-Learning solutions.

Cignus Web Services India has constantly been dedicated to catering flawless, reliable services of the premier standard in a most gainful manner. We, at Cignus Web Services, India employ the up-to-date technology to improve our efficiency and also give tailored solutions in the field of Internet associated services that reveal the picture of your business.

For further information about our services, please feel free to contact us at the email address or contact numbers mentioned below. You can also make use of the free online contact us form provided on our website to get in touch with us. Browse through the numerous services offered through Cignus Web Services India, and choose the one that suits your requirements aptly. Make use of our services to maximize your business options right away!

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