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Just a quick note to let you know that we think very highly of your services both for the SEO but also for web development services. As you know I have referred a number of friends and colleagues to your company and that is not something I do lightly. Thanks for your hard work at getting my websites recognized by the search engines and ranked very high for my keywords.

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Website Re-Design Services in India

One of the influential factors in the sales of good and services has been internet. So, it’s very important to ensure that not only the goods and services that you provide are top notch but, also the web page displaying them is visually appealing. Do you know, according to recent Gartner Group studies, more than 50% of web sales are lost. The simple reason being that the website of the company is outdated, visually unappealing, or the products aren’t being represented properly.

What is the need for Web Re-designing?

  • Technology is constantly evolving; therefore usage of old technology can make your website look very outdated. Incorporation of new graphic designs and flash presentations will add to your customer’s visual experience
  • Search engines like Yahoo, Google are very vital for your website as they are a portal to your website for your customers. Therefore your page HAS to be search friendly.
  • You should regularly update your page to add/delete new products. Your website should leave a lasting impression on the visiting customers to encourage future visits/promotion of your site.

How can Cignus Web help you?

Cignus Web understands your need for perfection and hence strives for it. We have a pool of dedicated professionals at hand so as to suit your specific needs.

Cignus Web works on the following aspects while catering to your specific needs:

In depth analysis

We work towards understanding your needs and hence analyze your existing website for fallacies and work towards finding a solution for its overhaul. We conduct extensive research in order to know the mindset of your target audience so that we can cater to their likes and dislikes to make their experience a completely unique and satisfactory one.

Revamping of your website’s design

In order to make your website more visually appealing, we give it a pleasing appearance by deciding upon a specific scheme of colors, design etc, and a web savvy presentation and present the content to make more understandable. We aim at rich content, therefore, our taskforce of content writers ensure that they come up with relevant and crisp articles.

Search Engine Friendly

One way to be accessible to the customers is to stay at the top of the ranking of search engines. We do an extensive research to find out most commonly used search words and incorporate the keywords so that you stay at the top of the searches.

Luring Customers

We ensure that the page is very easy to navigate by eliminating all the navigational errors and ensure that a customer gets what he is looking for. We work at giving the website a fresh and active look and actively interact with the customers via newsletters, mails so they come back again and again due to the constant activity. We also ensure that a larger bandwidth is allotted so that the browsing experience is easy and quick and also ensure quicker downloads.

Contact Cignus Web to outsource your website redesigning services. If you are looking to uplift your website's look and feel and make it more customer friendly.

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